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Muddy Blues 2


Welcome to the home of Blue Boy cigar box guitars, located in Fort Erie Ontario, Canada. I am a one person operation building cigar box instruments in my garage, one at a time.This is a love and a passion, not a business, but I can't keep them all. I spend too much time on them for what I sell them for, but I don't care. I will occasionally build an instrument of my own design and offer it for sale, but custom builds are my main love and focus. Why not have your guitar built YOUR way? Let me bring your vision to reality, Go to the Photo Gallery page to see pics and details of what I currently have for sale, as well as past builds. Click on any pic for more pics of that guitar.

Build Philosophy

Cigar box guitars range from rude, crude, primitive instruments to finely crafted top quality beauties built by highly trained professional luthiers. Mine fall somewhere between these two extremes. I take pride in my designs and quality of workmanship, but I'm not an anal perfectionist. There may be some minor flaws or imperfections but I believe this only adds to their homebuilt charm. Shiny, perfect, factory made looking they aren't, but they sound great, look cool, and are a blast to play. Play one at your next gig and you're guaranteed to get noticed. And now for the details....... Some builders glue in the neck and glue the box shut. I attach the neck with t-nuts and threaded bolts. I reinforce each corner with oak quarter round then screw the lid shut with a screw in each corner. This certainly takes more time than gluing but gives you a very sturdy box and neck attachment that can be disassembled for modifications or repair. The Leo Fender approach! All the instruments I build can be played acoustically or plugged in, unless otherwise stated in the description.  I have experimented with disc piezo pickups but found them to be lacking and won't use them. For a piezo equipped CBG  I take an electric acoustic guitar approach and build a bridge with a rod piezo pickup under the saddle. Much better! Add a preamp/eq (again taken from an electric acoustic guitar) for the best possible piezo setup.  Another option is a magnetic pickup with volume and tone controls. I've also done a combination of  both (see CBG's #15, #18,  #36, and #63 in the photo gallery). For more info on pickups go to the Electronics page. I currently build 3 string fretless, 3 string fretted, and 4 string fretted models.