Blue Boy Guitars Canada

Handcrafted custom and cigar box  instruments


   Like I stated on my home page I build for the love of building them. I have tweaked my design to the point where I am quite confident I build a structurally sound, well playing and good sounding instrument with a level of craftsmanship that makes them an excellent value for the money. That being said I find myself getting just a tad bored with building what is essentially the same guitar over and over.  Just to satisfy myself  I've decided to build the occasional Deluxe Model where I can get anal and spend WAY too much time building an instrument to the highest level I can. This is also where I will try to expand my skills and attempt more advanced building techniques. Below is an outline of the main elements of the "Standard" instruments as compared to the Deluxe Model.


   All my fretted models are constructed with a "two piece" neck. By two piece I mean the main shaft of the neck is two pieces and a seam runs the length of the neck down the center. To achieve this I take a neck blank and saw it down the middle, turn each piece a quarter turn then glue them together. When dry I plane it perfectly flat then glue on the fret board. This gives you a neck which is dead straight  and much stronger and less likely to warp than a one piece neck  The photo shows the back of the neck and the seam in the middle. I believe this is critical for a fretted neck. Only my 3 string non fretted models have a one piece neck  Whether you buy a fretted CBG from me or someone else make sure it has this seam.


STANDARD:   A standard headstock is offset, has a narrow face and a threaded bolt for a nut. Because of the narrow face the two outside strings are strung and tuned in the opposite direction of the middle string(s).

DELUXE:    A Deluxe headstock is back angled, has a wide face and a bone nut. The wide face allows the tuners to be strung and tuned the same as a conventional guitar.

ACTION:    The action (height of the strings above the fret board) is a tricky balancing act. High action makes it easier to play with a slide, especially for a newcomer to slide playing. Low action makes it easier to play with your fingers. I set the action on a standard CBG as high as I can while still being low enough to play comfortably with fingers.  On a Deluxe CBG I will set the action lower. An inexperienced slide player may have a hard time playing slide without some knocking and rattling.

WOODS:    For standard guitars I build a maple neck with either an oak or a walnut finger board. For Deluxe models I will use a combination of several woods for the finger board and headstock. If I can find a supply I can afford I also hope to use a variety of more exotic woods. I'd like to use quilted maple or birds eye maple for the neck  for example.
SOUND HOLES:  Only Deluxe model instruments will have slotted sound holes or "f" hole style sound holes.
BOXES:    My finest boxes will be reserved  exclusively for Deluxe Model instruments.